How to Manage a User’s Email Subscriptions

Dext Prepare users will receive emails when specific actions happen on their account. You can tailor the types of emails they receive.

To change a user’s email subscriptions:

  1. Click on ‘My Team’ on the main menu
  2. Click ‘Manage’ next to the user you want to change email subscriptions for
  3. Click ‘Email Subscriptions’


You can activate/deactivate email notifications for the following situations:

  • Rejection: Receive email notifications for submitted items that have been rejected.
  • Account: Receive email notifications for changes to this Client Account, such as new client or accountant invitations.
  • Processing: Receive email notifications detailing the number of items submitted by this Client Account User that have been processed by Dext Prepare.
  • Publishing: Receive email notifications for publishing errors.
  • Messages*: Receive email notifications for Item Messaging.
  • Fetch: Receive email notifications when Fetch Connections fail or require additional information.

Note: You must purchase the ‘Targeted Communication’ add-on to access this feature.