How to Transfer a Business’ Dext Prepare Subscription to be Paid by an Accountant / Bookkeeper, and Vice Versa

A Dext Prepare account can be paid for by two different people.

  • The business that owns the Dext Prepare account
  • An Accountant or Bookkeeper that has access to the business’ account

By default, Dext Prepare for Business accounts are paid for by the company that created the account. Accounts that were created by an Accountant or Bookkeeper are paid for as part of the Dext Prepare Partner’s subscription. Find out more about the different products here.

1. How to transfer a business’ Dext Prepare subscription to be paid by an Accountant / Bookkeeper

If a Dext Prepare for Business account has given access to an Accountant or Bookkeeper to view and manage their account, the Accountant or Bookkeeper can also take on that account’s subscription cost.
This can be done by clicking on the manage menu then select the My Clients page and navigating to the correct account. Click on the Manage button and then Make Paid.


If the Make Paid button is unavailable (usually due to an active Business subscription), then please contact to complete the transfer of a subscription cost process. In the latter case, we will also need the written consent of an Administrator under the Dext Prepare Business account.

View your client usage statement to see a breakdown of how each of your client accounts are using Dext Prepare.

2. How to transfer a paid by Accountant / Bookkeeper account’s subscription to the Business owner

And in case, the client account was created by the Accountant/Bookkeeper and is being for by them, to transfer the subscription back to the client without losing access to their Dext Prepare file, please ask an Admin user from the client account to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Web App
  2. Head to My Profile, then Subscription.
  3. Click ‘view our plans for business‘.