How to Bulk Upload Practice Code

Update practice codes, for multiple client accounts, in bulk. 

To do this, upload a CSV listing the CRNs of all your clients in Prepare, alongside the practice code for each of those clients.

We will then match the CRNs and Practice codes in the uploaded CSV to your clients in Prepare, and automatically update the Practice Code field.

How to Bulk Upload Practice Code 

First, export your client list in Prepare. This will provide you with a CSV of your clients’ names and their CRNs. See this article for how to export your client list as a CSV.

  1. Open the CSV and you will see a third column called ‘Practice Code’. 
  2. Fill in the practice code for each client.
  3. When the CSV is ready, go to My Clients in the sidebar of your Dext Prepare app.
  4. Click the Tools button at the top of the page, then Upload Practice Codes and upload the CSV to Prepare.
  1. The Practice Code field will then be automatically updated.