What Will My Clients See When They First Login to Dext Prepare?

Clients can have access to Dext Prepare as soon as you have created an account and user profile for them.

To successfully get your clients using Dext Prepare, we recommend you start by having a discussion with them about how much easier our software makes it for them to submit their financial paperwork to you.
Then you can send them an email invitation to start using Dext Prepare by following these instructions.

When they login to the platform for the first time, they’ll receive the below guided walkthroughs to help them get started submitting documents. This means you can expect to start seeing their receipts, bills, and invoices appearing in their account!

Web Application Walkthrough

If they are completing this flow on a desktop, they will be logged into the application and offered a demonstration of how to submit paperwork. You can preview this below: