Custom Reports

You can save sandbox configurations as custom reports by clicking Save.

You’ll need to give your report a name. You can then decide whether to keep this report configuration private, or share it with the rest of your team.

Custom reports are automatically added to your sidebar in the Reports section. The beautiful thing is that they are available for any client that belongs to you or your team, not just the client you created it on.

You can make and save changes to a Custom Report configuration. When you do so you’ll be asked whether you want to save over the existing report or create a new one.

The Reports section also contains a number of Precision default reporting configurations developed by the Precision team, so be sure to check them out:

  • Debtor Days and Cash Report (Practice Dashboard)
  • Cost Review by Supplier (Client Sandbox)
  • Cost Review by Report Code (Client Sandbox)
  • Expenses by Month and Contact (Client Sandbox)
  • Invoiced Totals by Contact (Client Sandbox)