Custom Reports

Custom Reports is an area in Precision that holds the reports you create and save from our various Dashboards in the product. 

They are located under Team Home – Practice Dashboards – Custom Reports.

What you need to know

  • Custom Reports will contain all the reports created from our 5 dashboards under Practice Dashboards
  • We have another Custom Reports area which is found under the Client Overview sidebar. Any reports created using Report Creator under each Client page will be saved under this Custom Reports area. Good news – When reports are saved they are available to view in all client accounts.
  • All Team Members, Team Admins & Team Owners can create their own reports and save them for all team members to view.

Types of Dashboards

The first thing you need to consider when creating Custom Reports is what kind of information you want to see. Below is an explanation of the 6 different data sets (or Dashboards we refer to them in Precision) we have and the kind of information they can provide. They are located in 3 different areas in the product.

Practice Dashboards

Practice Dashboards contains 7 Dashboards showing a consolidated view of all clients. (depending on what Region you are in). Click on the links below to read more about each Dashboard and best practice on using them.

  • Practice Dashboard (All Regions) – shows high level information around data quality checks, transaction levels and health scores.
  • Deadlines Dashboard (UK Only) – shows details for Companies House, account filing deadlines, HMRC VAT status and liabilities.
  • Activity Stats (All Regions) – shows total transactional activity by annual, average by period and change by month on month (MoM) and year on year (YoY) by total count and by % increase/decrease.
  • MTD Dashboard (UK Only) – shows MTD Status, vat schemes, return filing dates and liabilities/payments.
  • Insights Dashboard –
  • Workflows Dashboard – Workflows dashboard shows all Workflows at all stages of completion.
  • Custom Dashboards – This is where we store all your saved custom made dashboards using the various dashboards listed above.

To access the Dashboards to Team HomePractice Dashboards – choose the dashboard you want to run the data for.

Report Creator (Client Reports)

The Report Creator(formerly known as Sandbox) located under Custom Reports in your Client Overview sidebar contains all the journals in your general ledger. You can create reports using this data to help you analyse the transactions in a client’s business.

Under Team HomeClick on a ClientCustom Reports – Report Creator to view the journals. (Available in all Regions). Click on Report Creator below to learn more about this data set and best practice on what kinds of reports you can create. We have provided a few templates you can use to get started.

Creating Custom Reports in all Dashboards

The Dashboard data sets are a drag-and-drop report-builder, with spreadsheet-like functionality, right in your browser. If you’re a fan of Excel’s pivot tables, you’ll find that too. You can choose the columns you want to see, group by, sort, collapse and expand until you get it just how you want. The customisation options are:

  • Rearrange the placement of Columns by drag and drop into the order you want to view the columns in the grid.
  • Pin columns (same as freezing columns in Excel)
  • Filter data
  • Select specific columns you want to view the data for and hide the rest
  • Use the Grouping area to group the data and create sub groupings by click and hold a column and then use the drag and drop method

The easiest way for us to show you how you customise the reports please watch the video below.

(Please note as of Dec 2023 – Practice Analysis is now knowns as Practice Dashboards, we will be updating videos as soon as we can.)

Saving Custom Reports

When you have created the report you want you can click Save top right of the dashboard. Name the report and then choose to either keep the report visible to you only or tick the box to share with your team.

Once it is saved it will be found in Custom Reports for all reports created using the all Practice Dashboards under Team Home.

For Client Custom Reports, these are saved under Custom Reports Section – Custom Reports. The great thing about creating a client report is you create the report once and when it is saved it is then available under All your clients Custom Report area.

Next Steps:

Take a look at the different dashboards to start creating your custom reports.