Activity Stats Insight

Designed for accountancy firms utilising proposal tools such as GoProposal to determine pricing for their clients, the Activity Stats insight gives a breakdown of the key trading statistics of a company, with a focus on volume, e.g. number of bank transactions for the period.

These figures can then be input directly into your proposal tool to quickly calculate pricing when a client is up for renewal.

Screenshot 2022-07-18 at 16.19.33.png

By default, this insight calculates statistics for a rolling 12 month period, starting from the last complete month, and working back from there. However, you can select a date range and Dext Precision will do its best to segment your date range into monthly slots.

Understanding Turnover

The Activity Stats insight uses the following logic to determine the Turnover calculation:

The NET value of all transactions in the selected date range that have an Account Type of either Revenue or Sales.


Note that the Account Type Other Income is not included in this calculation.

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This gives you some flexibility in determining this Turnover figure, as the Account Type can be modified for each account in Xero.


Xero provides some documentation on working with Chart of Accounts.