Unreconciled transactions (QBO Only)

QuickBooks Online does not provide bank statement data for us to check, so all Unreconciled Transactions are from the ledger side (outstanding Payments and Outstanding Deposits). This is in contrast to our Xero integration which works from the bank statement data.

What you need to know:

  • Unreconciled transactions is for clients integrated with Quickbooks Online. For our Xero equivalent see, Bank Reconciliation
  • The number of outstanding payments and deposits and the age of the latest reconciled bank transaction will affect the client HealthScore.

Unreconciled Transaction Insights 

To review Unreconciled Transactions go to Client Overview >Clean Up >Unreconciled Transactions

The Unreconciled Transactions insight displays a summary of the outstanding payments and deposits for the client, and the dates of the last reconciled transaction detected in Precision as well as the oldest unreconciled transaction.

Configuration Settings

Configure Unreconciled Transactions according to your usage of QuickBooks. This will impact what transactions we count as ‘unreconciled’ for this client only.

Click on Adjust Settings at the top of the page to set up the correct configuration.

  • Unreconciled Transactions since date

We will not count or display any unreconciled transactions prior to this date. By default this is set to 1 calendar year prior to your first import.

  • Count cleared transactions as unreconciled

Switching this setting off will mean Precision considers all Cleared transactions in QuickBooks to be unreconciled.

Outstanding Payments & Deposits

Precision will provide cards for each bank account identified in QuickBooks Online (including credit cards). Clicking on the bank account card will show a graph of the bank balance over time, and below that, transactional detail for each of the outstanding payments and deposits. There is also a direct link to the transaction in Quickbooks so you can review.

NOTE: The Unreconciled Transactions check currently does not include unreconciled transactions that sit outside of a bank account. This feature is in development and planned for a future release.

Next Steps:

  • Take a look how our Xero Bank Reconciliation clean up tool differs from our Quickbooks Unreconciled Transactions.