Business Performance

The first tool in our Resilience section, Business Performance provides a series of KPIs carefully selected to give you a snapshot of how the business is performing in a given period.

Each of the checks will give you a summary of the key figures, which can be interrogated further by expanding the cards to see graphs and more granular data.

The purpose of this is to enable you to understand key risks and trends for this business and identify them early, so they can be mitigated before it is too late.

Revenue Movement

This check keeps track of revenue over time and compares performance with the previous period. Expanding the card provides a historical graph of revenue and a box where you can very quickly calculate and visualise the impact of growth on future revenue in the graph.

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Net Assets


The Net Assets check is currently available for Xero clients only.

Keep track of net assets over time, and compare current status with previous periods.

This check provides the total value of the organisation’s net assets, and the % change period-on-period. Expanding the card provides a historical graph of net assets.

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Customer Reliance

With this check, Dext Precision detects the top customer by percentage of total revenue during the period; a high percentage of revenue, and so a high reliance on a single customer is a considerable risk to the business. Expanding the card shows the percentage of revenue by the top 5 customers in both a chart and a grid view displaying the revenue, number of transactions, and reliance, with links to Xero.

For more insight into your clients’ revenue sources, you can check out our Sales Analysis insight.

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Supplier Reliance

Like Customer Reliance above, Dext Precision detects top suppliers by spend for the company as a percentage of total costs during the period. Expanding the card displays this data in the form of a chart with the top 5 suppliers by cost, and a grid view displaying total cost, number of transactions, and the percentage of reliance on that supplier.
For more insight into your clients’ various suppliers, you can check out our Cost Analysis insight.

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