Workflows Daily Digest

Daily Digest is an email that is sent to the assigned users on Workflows summarising the required actions for the day.

These include workflows assigned to you, that:

  • are ready to start
  • are due but have not been completed
  • are overdue and have not been completed – a summary will be sent for 3 days after the due date.

What you need to know:

  • Dext Precision will send you an email summary once a day at 8am, if (and only if) you have items in Focus that need attention. 
  • Changes made apply to you only and will not impact team members

Daily Digest Settings

To manage the settings for the Daily Digest go to Team HomeConfigurationWorkflows Daily Digest

You also have the option to turn the notification off if you don’t want to receive the daily email summary.

Next Steps:

Review your Workflow List to see what Workflows you have due or in progress.