The Flow List

The Flow List shows all Flows to be completed in your team, and provides various filters to quickly find the Flows you are looking for depending on your client visibility permissions.

What you need to know:

  • If you are unable to see a flow in the flow list you may not have visibility for this client or this flow is still a ‘Draft’ and needs to be ‘Started’. It’s only visible to the original author. Once flows are published by the author, then the visibility settings will apply and the relevant team members will see the flow.
  • Flows that have been startedcan’t be edited.
  • Only the person who created the repeating flow can delete the flow template.
  • You can also view all flows for a specific client by going to the client’s overview dashboard under Focus in the sidebar

Managing the Flow List

Flow List can be found under Team Home >Focus >Flow List.

The list will identify flows that are set up as Repeating Flows with a title at the top of the relevant flow. All other flows are One Off Flows.

Filtering and Viewing the flows in the Flow List

You can filter flows by their status (Not Started, In Progress, Under Review & Complete) by clicking on the relevant section at the top of the flow list.

You can also view the list by different values such as Due Date, Period End Date, Client Name & Flow Name by selecting the drop down list and choosing the setting you wish to view the information in the list.

Use the search box to filter based on the Flow Template name.

If the Flow is not yet completed, warnings will be displayed as the Due Date set for the Flow is approaching.

Options to manage Flow templates from the Flow List

There are options available for each Flow by clicking on the three little dots on the right of the card.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 16.21.15.png

Edit Flow – once a flow has been started there are restrictions on what you can edit per screenshot below.

Duplicate Flow – All settings will be duplicated if you choose this option. You may want to use this feature if you want to keep a lot of the parameters set in the flow but only want to change date range or different client base.

Delete Flow – This option allows you to delete the flow from the flow list. If you delete the flow from the flow list this action can’t be undone. You will need to create another flow if it was set up as a One Off Flow. If it was a Repeating Flow you will need to wait for the next scheduled date to see changes made.

Please note, deleting a repeating flow from the flow list will not delete the Repeating Flow Template only the flow you are viewing.

Next Steps:

Completing Flows – Click on a flow in the Flow List to open and review and complete all the tasks in a flow.