The Flow List

The Flow List shows all Flows to be completed for your team, and provides various filters to quickly find the Flows you are looking for.

You can filter Flows by their status (Not Started, In Progress, Complete), and order by different values such as Due Date and Period End. Use the search box to filter based on the Flow Template name. If the Flow is not yet completed, warnings will be displayed as the Due Date set for the Flow is approaching.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 16.20.49.png

There are options available for each Flow by clicking on the menu on the right of the card. Note that Flows that have been started cannot be edited.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 16.21.15.png


A version of the Flow List is available when viewing an individual Client too, which is automatically filtered to Flows for that Client.

The Repeating Flow List

All Repeating Flows will live within this list, with a card for each one.

If the Repeating Flow has been named (by clicking ‘Save’ during Flow Creation), it will have that name on the Flow card, otherwise it will be named after the Flow Template as default.

From the Flow cards, you can see the date on which the Flows will be due to enter the Flow List. Clicking on the buttons on each card will reveal the checks for that Flow, and the Clients assigned to it.

You can also Edit or Delete each Repeating Flow by using the three-dot menu icon on the far right of the card, and selecting from the dropdown menu.