When to Add a Client to Dext Prepare or Dext Solo

Dext Prepare and Dext Solo provide powerful features catered to the needs of specific types of clients.

This article will help you know which of your clients is best served by which product.

Prepare Clients

Dext Prepare is designed to collect and process the data your VAT-registered client needs, then send it to their integrated accounting software. Saving you and your clients precious time.

Prepare is for clients that are:

  • Incorporated
  • VAT registered
  • Using expense reports

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Solo Clients

Dext Solo enables your sole trader or an unincorporated landlord clients to have all of their sole trader businesses and landlord businesses in one place. They can collect their business income and expenses then create tax reports that can be used to complete tax returns.

Solo is for clients that are:

  • Sole traders
  • Unincorporated landlords
  • Not VAT registered
  • Not integrated with accounting software

To access the Dext Solo area, in your Dext Prepare account go to Solo in the sidebar.

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