Using the Bank Mobile App Space for Dext Solo

If you’ve set up a Dext Solo account with Bank as your transaction collection method, you can now create and manage bank feeds using the mobile app. 

You can also view and categorise your bank transactions. 

How to add a bank feed

To add a bank feed:

  1. Log into the mobile app
  2. Navigate to the Bank area, if you’re unable to see this option click More.
  3. Click the + in the top left corner and click Agree & Proceed.
  4. When redirected to Plaid, click Continue.
  5. Click Allow, and then select your bank from the list, or you can search for your bank using the search bar. 
  6. Click Continue and then log into your bank using your banking login details. 
  7. Select the accounts you’d like to share with Dext and click Continue.
  8. Confirm your account selection and that you’re happy with the T&Cs before clicking Connect account information

Once your bank feed has been connected, the account will then appear under the Bank section.

Note: The bank feed will import historical transactions as far back as the bank will allow. 

Managing your bank feed 

There’s a few different ways you can manage your bank feed in the mobile app: 

  1. You can slide the bank account you’d like to manage to the left where you’ll have the option to reconnect or delete the bank account. 
  2. You can click into the account itself where you’ll be able to view any error messages and reconnect the bank feed using the prompts provided. 
  3. From within the bank account, you can click the 3 dots in the top left corner where you’ll be able to reconnect or delete the bank account.

How to view your transactions 

To view your transactions, click into your bank account to view the transactions relating to it. 

From here, you’ll be able to see a list of transactions as well as the option to filter transactions by those that have and haven’t had a category added.

Cash Coding your transactions

To add Cash Coding to your transactions: 

  1. Click into the bank account
  2. Click the yellow Without category button. 
  3. Click into a transaction in the list and then click on the blank Category field. 
  4. Select the relevant category for the transaction from the list provided. 
  5. Click the Back button to go back to the transaction list. 

Note: You’ll need to complete the above steps for each transaction that doesn’t have a category.