The Dext Solo Summaries Page

The reporting summary page is where all of a Dext Solo Client’s transaction data is compiled and broken down by category.

This is where you can compile reports that eventually will be submitted to HMRC.

How Transaction Data is Broken Down on the Summaries Page

The transaction data is separated into Business Income and Business expenses.

Income and Expenses are then organised into the categories individual transactions are assigned to, and also show:

  • The number of Transactions assigned to that category.
  • The Total amount of all the transactions in that category.

Filtering the Data

Filter the transaction data by date by selecting a starting and ending date at the top of the screen.

Accounts that have selected the Bank transaction collection method can also choose to show data from a specific bank account by selecting the account via the filter icon list in the top right of the page. Rental properties can also be selected for clients with rental properties.

Exporting Reports

When the report is ready you can export it as a CSV by clicking the Export to CSV button at the top of the page.