Manually Adding a Self Assessment Costs or Sales Document

Not every transaction will have a receipt, so in some cases you may wish to manually add a document to the self assessment space.

To add a document manually:

  1. Open the Self Assessment space for the relevant client.
  2. Go to the Costs or Sales workspace in the sidebar.
  3. Click Create document at the top of the page.
  1. Next, enter the information you wish to include in the document, including the document owner, date, supplier, category, currency and amount among others.
  2. When you’ve added the necessary information, click Create
  1. The new costs or sale item will then be listed in the costs or sale space.
  1. The item will be created with an automatically generated image attached, which can be seen by opening the item.

You can edit the item information from the item details page, and update the attached image with the new information by clicking the Regenerate Document button at the top of the page.