Workflow History

Dext Precision tracks the progress of a Workflow via an audit trail called Workflow History. In the “History” view of the Workflow you can see key events for the Workflow laid out in a timeline:

What you need to know:

  • Workflow history gives Reviewers the visibility over the some of the changes made for the job assigned.
  • Only the team members with visibility for the client will be able to view the workflow.

Workflow History is an audit trail of progress on a Workflow. It shows changes made on the Workflow, time of change and user who made the changes. It also show the changes in Health Score as the tasks are cleared and is a great tool to use to see how your team is progressing on the the client’s job.

Go to WorkflowsWorkflow ListOpen a Workflow in the listClick on History

Next Steps:

Review your Workflow List to see what jobs are due and need to be started or check the progress of your Workflows.