Draft Workflows

A Draft Workflow is a Workflow created that has not yet been published. They are stored in the ‘Workflow Creator’ view which can be accessed from the sidebar under Workflows.

During workflow creation, clicking ‘Save’ at the top right of the screen will allow you to save your workflow and give it a name. It will then appear in the Draft Flow list with the name it was assigned, and any additional details added during workflow creation.

Draft workflows will also be created if you close Dext Precision or click away from the Workflow Creator at any time; if you do this, we’ll name the Draft Workflow after the template chosen as default.

In the Draft Workflow List, each workflow will have the date it was last edited, and a pink Repeating Workflow icon will be present if the Workflow was a Repeating Workflow.

Draft Workflows can be edited or deleted. Simply click the ‘Continue’ button on the Draft Workflow card to pick up where you left off. To delete the Draft Workflow, you can use the three-dot menu to the right of the card and select ‘Delete’ from the dropdown list.