Flows in Dext Precision can have up to two reviewers which you assign when creating the Flow.

What you need to know:

  • Reviewers are assigned when you are creating a new flow. If you need to edit the reviewers you will need to edit the flow template.
  • Reviewers can’t be edited for a flow in progress/started.
  • You can have up to 2 reviewers on each flow template. You can also have none if a review is not applicable.
  • A flow can only be marked as complete by the person assigned to flow not the reviewers. Once a review has been complete the reviewers send the flow back to the assignee who completes the process/flow.

Assigning Reviewers

In the process of Creating Flows in Flow Creator in Focus area you can add Reviewers in the Add Clients section.

  1. Select the clients from the list By Client or By Tag.
  2. Assign the flow to the person who will be managing the tasks
  3. Add your Reviewers. You have the option to add up to 2 Reviewers.

Submit the Flow for Review

Once all the tasks in a flow are marked as complete the assignee (team member responsible for completing the tasks in the flow) can submit the flow for review. By selecting Submit for Review in the sidebar of the flow.

Once a flow has been submitted for review, the reviewers are sent an email to inform them a Flow is ready for review, starting with the first reviewer, who can either hand it back to the assigned user with any comments or pass it on to the second reviewer (if assigned).

Managing Flow Under Review

Details of the flows that are Under Review are listed in the sidebar under Flow List under Focus.

Tips when Reviewing Flows

  • Review the Flow History to see what changes have been made, tasks that have been completed and when and how the Health Score has changed since the work was started.

Go to History at the top of the Flow. You can toggle between Tasks & History

  • Use Comments section under a task to leave feedback for the assignee/person completing the tasks. This could include changes they need to make, or considerations they need to be aware of. Comments are great to refer back to when completing future flows for the same client.

Next Steps:

Send the flow back to the assignee for the flow to be marked as complete or to make further changes.