How to Use the Dextension Browser Extension with QuickBooks Online (In Testing)

Supercharge your Dext and Quickbooks Online experience by enhancing the integration with Dextension.

What is Dextension?

Dextension is a powerful Chrome browser extension designed to enhance the integration between Quickbooks Online, Dext Prepare and Dext Precision. By seamlessly connecting these platforms, Dextension aims to streamline accounting processes, save time and improve collaboration with clients.

What Does Dextension Allow You to Do in Dext Prepare?

Item Details Page:

Show Previously Coded Transactions from the General Ledger

See how previous transactions from this supplier have been coded in QuickBooks Online to help you select the correct category for this transaction. Simply click View previous codings under the category box on the item details page and then select your chosen category.

Show DeepLink to QuickBooks Online

Easily access a recently published item in Quickbooks Online by activating a link on the archived item’s Item Details page. Simply click the link at the top of the page to view the item in QuickBooks Online.

What Does Dextension Allow You to Do in QuickBooks Online?

On the Dashboard:

Display Precision Health Score

Easily see the quality of your data by displaying your precision health score on the dashboard page. Once activated the healthscore will show next to the company name as a percentage with a heart icon.

Prepare Warnings on Costs & Sales

See how many items in Dext Prepare have yet to be published to your QuickBooks Online account and how much they’re worth.

Simply hover over the warning icon next to Expenses and Sales on your Business Overview Dashboard.

Uploading Documents to Dext Prepare

Drag & Drop

Upload items to Dext Prepare via QuickBooks Online easily, by dragging and dropping files into the QuickBooks Online window. This will trigger a window, enabling you to add the document to your Costs, Sales or Bank inbox.

Right Click

You can also add a PDF document to Dext Prepare. You can do this when viewing the item in your web browser, by right clicking the document and selecting the relevant inbox you wish to add it to Costs, Sales or Bank.

Bank Space

Send Paperwork Requests

Collate, customise and share paperwork requests via a new screen accessible via the Paperwork requests button at the top of the Bank space page in Quickbooks Online.

Clicking the button will open a screen where Dextension collates all of the uncategorised transactions without an attachment. You can select the items you wish to request paperwork for, and add comments to individual items in the Comments column.

Click Connect to Gmail if you wish to email from your Gmail account.

Then select the recipient of the email and compose the email.

When ready to send the request, click Send via Email at the bottom of the page.

The recipient will receive a precise list of required information, and a link to the Dext web or mobile app to start taking action.

Expand Text on Matched Transaction & Show Attachment on Matched Transactions

Context is key when undertaking bookkeeping work and confirming a match, expand the text of the match transaction and view the attachment directly from the Banking page.

Pre-fill Payee in “Find Match”

If a transaction isn’t identified as missing paperwork you can autofill the payee field in the search form to find the transaction you’re looking for.

To use this feature when it is switched on, select a transaction then click ‘Find Match’.

The payee will automatically appear in the Search bar.

Expense Page

Show Attachment When Viewing Invoice

When this setting is switched on the image of the item will be shown on the expense’s page.

Show Prepare Deeplink When Viewing an Expense in QuickBooks Online

Access an item in Dext Prepare directly from an expense in QuickBooks Online. Simply click the View in Dext Prepare button next to the expense name when viewing an expense.

Expenses Page

Show Attachment for Each Expense

View the attachment for each expense easily on the expenses page, by clicking the paperclip next to the relevant expense.

How to Access Dextension

For now you can easily access the Dextension browser extension via direct link for those invited to test the feature. Soon you will be able to easily access and install Dextension from the Chrome Extension Store.

How to Configure Your Dextension Settings

You can apply the desired Dextension settings via your Chrome browser to enable or disable specific features.

To configure your settings:

  1. Click on the Dext icon at the top of your Chrome browser.
  1. In the list of features available, toggle each feature as on or off based on your preferences and needs.

Now you’re ready to supercharge your Dext and Quickbooks Online experience, streamline your accounting tasks, and collaborate more effectively with your clients.

Remember to regularly check for updates and new features within Dextension to continue optimizing your accounting workflow.