How to Use the Dextension Browser Extension with Xero

Supercharge your Dext and Xero experience by enhancing the integration with Dextension.

What is Dextension?

Dextension is a powerful Chrome browser extension designed to enhance the integration between Xero, Dext Prepare and Dext Precision. By seamlessly connecting these platforms, Dextension aims to streamline accounting processes, save time and improve collaboration with clients.

What Does Dextension Allow You to Do?

From Anywhere in your Browser

Upload Items with Drag & Drop

Drag and drop files on any page in your browser. Select the Costs, Sales or Bank inbox and it is uploaded directly to Dext Prepare. You can change the destination inbox in the drag and drop dialog box settings.

Upload items via Context Menu

In a file opened in your browser, right click on it and select Upload to Dext, confirm the destination and click the button Upload.

Important: To use this feature, you must allow access to file URLs.

In Prepare:

View Previous Codings

See how previous transactions from this supplier have been coded in QBO to help you select the correct category for this transaction.

Simply click View previous codings under the category box on the item details page and then select your chosen category.

In Xero Invoice page:

Show the Attachment

When you need to see the details of an invoice, like the amount, the VAT code or the category, it is even better to see the attached documents and invoices side-by-side

Pre-populate the Reference

On the invoice page, in the Make a payment for, the reference of the invoice is populated automatically

In Xero Client Dashboard:

Prepare ‘Warning Triangles’

See Prepare ‘Warning Triangles’ when there is data in Prepare that has NOT yet been published to Xero. Click the warning triangle to be taken to the relevant page in Dext Prepare.

See warnings for:

  • Invoices owed to you: Number of, and value of sales space items in Dext Prepare
  • Bills you need to pay: Number of, and value of cost space items in Dext Prepare

Access Precision Health Score and Tags

Precision’s Health Score and tags signal the quality of the data in your ledger. Tags also identify the groups or cohorts to which you have assigned your client in Precision.

Click on the Health Score to jump straight into Precision.

Xero Bank Reconciliation Screen

Show Item Image When Hovering Over Attachment Icon

Save clicks when making bank reconciliation decisions by hovering over the attachment icon and accessing the item image directly from the reconciliation screen.

Display the Supplier Statements

For each bank transaction, Dextension will look for a statement or remittance that matches the date, the amount and the supplier name. If it finds one, it will display a paperclip so that you can visualize it easily.

Show Tracking Categories

To reconcile faster, you need more context. Dextension adds more data on match, the paperclip to sneak peek the attachment and the tracking categories that were selected for this item in Prepare.

Make the ‘More Details’ Pop-up Movable

When you click ‘more details’ on the bank transaction description, the pop-up box can sit over some key details. Dextension makes the more details box moveable, so you can see the key detail in one view.

Order ‘Matches’ First

Usually, Xero’s Bank Reconciliation page orders transactions by date alone, meaning the green ‘matched’ transactions are scattered throughout the page.

Dextension places matched transactions at the top of the page, making it easier to review and reconcile the matched items and get them out of the way.

Quickly Create a Receipt from the Xero Ledger

You might need to create a receipt directly from the Xero ledger. Dextension can help you prefill the ‘Why’ field of the ‘Create’ form with the bank transaction description.

Automate Comments on Bank Transactions

Always typing the same comments? Just type ‘.’ in the discuss tab and select the comment you wish to add. You’re done!

Expand the Description on Bank Statement

Sometimes the transaction description is cut off or shortened in the Xero bank reconciliation space.
This feature give you the option to see the entire bank description, making it easier to be confident in reconciling more complex items and payments.

Send Paperwork Requests

Collate, customise and share information and paperwork requests in a new screen accessible via the Paperwork requests button at the top of the page in Xero.

From there you can list up to all unreconciled transactions (paid or received), their dates and values, and their Xero bank reconciliation ‘discuss’ notes.

You can then send the request in a customisable email via Gmail or Outlook integration.

You can also download the CSV of your selection.

Finally, you can also choose to send a notification to the user via the Dext Mobile App.The recipient will receive a precise list of required information, and a link to the Dext web or mobile app to start taking action.

How to Access Dextension

Dextension is available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

  1. To install Dextension, go to the Chrome web store and click on the button Add to Chrome.
  2. Then Pin the extension Logo.

For the people using Microsoft Edge, you will be able to install Dextension from the Chrome web store. Although, you may need to allow to use this store in Microsoft Edge’s settings.

How to Configure Your Dextension Settings

You can apply the desired Dextension settings via your Chrome browser to enable or disable specific features.

To configure your settings:

  1. Click on the Dext icon at the top of your Chrome browser.
  1. In the list of features available, toggle each feature as on or off based on your preferences and needs.

Now you’re ready to supercharge your Dext and Xero experience, streamline your accounting tasks, and collaborate more effectively with your clients.

Remember to regularly check for updates and new features within Dextension to continue optimizing your accounting workflow.