How to Set Up Your Category List (Chart Of Accounts)

Applying the correct nominal code to your purchases and expenses is an essential part of accounting.

Dext Prepare makes it easy to set up your Chart of Accounts, whether you’re working with a cloud or desktop accounting solution.
In Dext Prepare we refer to each section of your Chart of Accounts as ‘Categories’. You can set them up differently depending on if you’re using the application with an integrated accounting software .

Learn how to set up your Category Lists:

  1. With an integration
  2. Without an integration

To set up your Chart of Accounts:

  1. With an Integration

When you integrate a Dext Prepare account with cloud accounting software, we’ll automatically pull across your Chart of Accounts. To view these click on ‘Lists‘ then ‘Categories‘.

Any edits you make to your Chart of Accounts within your accounting package will also take affect within Dext Prepare. We check and renew your Chart of Accounts every 48 hours, but you can also manually update these lists by pressing the ‘Reload’ button at the top of the list.

If you don’t want a certain nominal code to be available to view or assign to transactions, you can hide specific Categories by turning the toggle in the ‘Visible’ column to ‘OFF’.

  1. Without an integration

There are two default lists of nominal codes; simple and comprehensive. You can use these and chose to import or create your own Chart of Accounts:

  • Import your Chart of Accounts

Download your Chart of Accounts from your accounting software as a .CSV file. To do this, click the Manage groups drop down button, then Import group. Follow the steps shown to make sure the CSV is formatted correctly, and select the CSV file you wish to upload.

  • Manually Create your Chart of Accounts

Click the Manage groups dropdown button, then Add group. Give your Chart of Accounts a name and input each Category name and code individually.