Dextension FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Dextension.

I have installed Dextension, and connected to Xero or QBO but I cannot see any features.

First, Verify that you are connected to Dext Prepare. If you are not connected, then click on the login button

If you are connected to Dext Prepare, then check that your client is integrated with Xero or QBO.

I am connected to Dext Prepare, but I cannot see all Dextension features related to Dext Prepare in the Toggle list

Connect to Xero or QBO and access a client you added on Dext Prepare. The toggle list and the features will appear.

The right click feature to send document to Dext is not working. I have the message “Allow files URL access from extension settings”

Go to the extension settings and allow the File URL access option.

I have installed Dextension but I do not know where to go to access it

After installing Dextension, pin the icon on your browser to be able to access it.

I am using Safari, how do I install Dextension?

Dextension is only available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

I am using Microsoft Edge, how do I install Dextension?

You can use Dextension on Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. With regards to Microsoft Edge, you will need to update the settings to be able to install the extension from the Chrome web store.