Why Was My Picture Rejected?

We can’t extract data from everything that you send to Dext Prepare. In a few cases, we might store documents in the inbox with incomplete data, or merge duplicate images. Here are the main reasons why:

  • This item already exists in your account

You’ve sent in a document that has previously been uploaded to your Dext Prepare account. If it’s exactly the same image as a previous upload, we’ll reject the second copy. If it’s a different picture of the same receipt, bill or other financial paperwork, we’ll merge the two images but keep the original set of extracted data. This is to avoid having duplicate entries of the same transaction in your Dext prepare account.

  • Multiple transactions on the same upload

There’s more than one transaction in the image that has been uploaded. We’ll add the image to your inbox, but some of the data may be incomplete. Review the entry, and separate the two transactions using our Split tool.

  • Poor image quality

We can’t read what you’ve sent us. Perhaps the picture is blurry, or the receipt is torn up and unreadable. If you can’t read the picture, we probably can’t either! We’ll add the image to your account, but with no attached data.

  • That’s not an invoice!

We LOVE seeing pictures of your dogs, but if you sent a picture of something that in’t a receipt, bill or invoice, we probably won’t find any financial data. Don’t worry, the picture will still end up in your Dext Prepare inbox. You can see that puppy pic later!