Using Tripcatcher and QuickBooks Online

If you have your Dext Prepare account integrated with both Tripcatcher and QuickBooks Online you may experience a situation where items pulled from Tripcatcher require you to add tax rates for every line within the item. 

To avoid this, please:

1. Use default tax rates with Tripcatcher and QuickBooks Online. You can find default tax rates in Dext Prepare in your Account Settings menu -> Integration tab -> Select default tax rate.

2. The selected tax rate in Dext Prepare will not interfere in any way with the information that is published to QuickBooks Online.

3. Ignore the error message regarding tax rates that may be seen in the item in Dext Prepare. The message says “One or more charge lines do not have a tax code associated with it“.

4. Even though the tax rate will be wrong on some line items in QuickBooks after publishing, the software will calculate the tax amounts correctly for the VAT return.