What is ‘Boost’?

Boost is a tool used to speed up the processing of all submitted items currently in the ‘In Processing’ sections of Dext Prepare for the Sales or Costs workspace. 

Note: If you’d like to have access to Boost, or monitor how many times you’ve used Boost, go to ‘My Profile’ > ‘Subscription’ in the Dext web app.

When paperwork is uploaded to Dext Prepare, it’s added to a processing queue. Processing can vary in time, according to the amount of items that have been uploaded to the application.

You can speed up the processing time by pressing the ‘Boost my items’ button in the ‘In Processing’ tab.

This will move all items currently processing in this account to the top of the processing queue. Each of the items will be extracted within a few minutes.

Currently any items that are also using Supplier Line Item Extraction are unable to be sped up using the Boost function.