How to Integrate with Tripcatcher

Tripcatcher (UK) is a tool that helps you to easily and accurately capture business mileage.

It’s really easy to integrate your Tripcatcher account with Dext Prepare. In a few steps, you can be completely set up and ready to publish your mileage directly to Dext Prepare.

It creates expense claims that you can send directly to Dext Prepare and your accounting software.

If you have the Partner Account, it’s really easy for your users to connect their Tripcatcher account to Dext Prepare, however, if you need to do this for your client/employee you will need to login to their Tripcatcher account and follow the instructions below.

Firstly you need a Dext Prepare account (with an email address and password). Next, log in to your Tripcatcher web account and follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Settings

Open the Settings menu.


2. Connect to Dext Prepare

Click the Connect Dext Prepare button. This initiates the connection to Dext Prepare.


3. Login to Dext Prepare

Enter your Dext Prepare login details.


4. Connection is complete!

Once Authorised by Dext Prepare, you will be taken back to Tripcatcher with the connection completed. You are now ready to publish your mileage to Dext Prepare.


For support using Tripcatcher, you can use their designated