How to Set up Email Forwarding Rules

If you regularly receive receipts or invoices from suppliers through email, consider setting these emails to automatically forward to Dext Prepare. This will save you from having to process the document at all!

The method of setting up email-forwarding might look slightly different depending on which email provider you use. Some guides to popular email providers are linked below:

If you use a different email provider, check their help guides for more information on setting up email-forwarding rules.

When you set up your email-forwarding rules, ensure that you are sending any receipts and invoices to your ‘[custom name]‘ or ‘[custom name]’ addresses. Otherwise, documents will not be received by Dext Prepare.

If you require a verification code, this will be sent to the email address you use to log into Dext Prepare.

Please note that each page of any items forwarded to the ‘’ address will be split into separate documents in Dext Prepare.