What is the Best Way for My Client to Add Items to Dext Prepare?

If you’re an Accountant or Bookkeeper with aDext Prepare partner subscription, you can create an unlimited number of unique accounts for your clients and their staff.

Each of these people can upload their financial paperwork to Dext Prepare and have the associated data extracted automatically.

The normal Dext Prepare submission methods are all available to Client Account Users, and are each useful in different situations.

Best for capturing physical, paper documents. There are multiple camera modes on the mobile app so that any format/combination of documents can be captured at once.

Best for capturing digital documents. If you’ve received a receipt or invoice through email, it’s probably best to submit this to Dext Prepare using your Email-in address.

Direct Upload:
Best for submitting a large batch of scanned receipts or invoices, or a ‘shoebox’ of physical documents.

Invoice Fetch:
Best for retrieving digital receipts or invoices, where you would normally have to log in to your supplier’s website and download your bill. It may be beneficial for your clients to set this up themselves, as we’ll need their login credentials to authorise the Fetch collection.

This video is an introduction to the Mobile, Email-in and Direct Upload methods. Send it to your clients to learn how they can send their paperwork to Dext Prepare:

Your account manager is always available to give advice on the best ways you can introduce your client base to Dext Prepare.