How to Remove or Reallocate a Bookkeeper’s or Accountant’s Access to Your Account

If you’ve previously given access to an accountant or bookkeeper to view and manage your Dext Prepare account, you can remove or change their access.

Important: To be able to remove or reallocate a bookkeeper’s or accountant’s access to your account you must be have admin level user privileges. If you don’t have this level of access reach out to your account administrator. See more about user privileges here.

Remove Access

To remove their access:

  1. Navigate to My Profile in the Manage section of the sidebar, then Accountant.
  1. Click on the Disconnect from accountant button.
  2. Review the option on the panel that appears and then click Disconnect.

Reallocate Access

  1. Navigate to My Profile in the Manage section of the sidebar, then Accountant.
  2. Click the Invite someone else button.
  1. Enter the email address of the accountant or bookkeeper you wish to invite and click Send invite.

Important: you can only give one accountant or bookkeeper access to your account at any one time. If you choose to invite someone else your current accountant or bookkeeper will be disconnected and the new one invited to access the account.

How to Subscribe when Your Account Has Been Deactivated

If your account has been deactivated or disconnected from your previous accountant/bookkeeper you will see a message at the top of your screen: “Your account has been deactivated/disconnected by your accountant or bookkeeper. Start a Free Trial”.

To continue using your account you must activate a subscription.

To do this:

  1. Go to the My Profile in the sidebar then Subscription.

If you cannot see the Subscription page it means you are not an Admin user in your account and must reach out to your account admin or previous accountant/bookkeeper to request this access.

  1. Click Start a Free Trial, then select a plan.
  2. Make sure you select the desired duration of the contract (annual or monthly).
  3. Click Buy now.