How to Check Your Item Extraction Limit

For Small Business customers, you can easily confirm how many items you have left in your monthly extraction limit on your Dext Prepare account, and upgrade your plan in a few steps if you need to.

Note: This is applicable to Small Business customers on either the Business, Business Plus or Premium plans.

Get a quick overview of how many items you have processed and how many are remaining on your dashboard as soon as you log in, in the ‘Monthly Extractions‘ overview.

This will give an overview of your usage for last month and an average over the last 3 months.

The monthly extraction limit varies depending on your plan type. If you wish to expand your limit, you can upgrade your plan at any time. View our plans here.

To change your subscription:

  1. Going to My Profile, then Subscription.
  2. Then click Change plan.

Note: You will be informed by a banner at the top of your screen when you are approaching or have reached your monthly item extraction limit:


If you have reached your monthly extraction limit, you may still upload items to your account, but these items will not be sent for extraction until you reach your next bill date or upgrade your plan.

Any items uploaded over the limit will show in the ‘In Processing‘ tab, and will be marked as Monthly extraction limit reached. These items will automatically be sent for extraction at the start of your next billing period, or when you upgrade your plan. For items over the extraction limit, the time remaining column shows the number of days until your next bill date.

You can also move these items to your inbox by clicking on the ‘Move to inbox‘ button alongside to skip the extraction process and view and edit it manually