How to Publish, Export or Share an Expense Report

Expense Reports can be published to an integrated accounting software, exported in CSV and PDF formats or automatically sent via email.

After completing an Expense Report on Dext Prepare, you can process it onwards in a number of different ways:

Publishing to an integrated software

When the Expense Report is complete, and each transaction in the report has been assigned a nominal code, you can publish the report by checking the box next to the reports you wish to publish, then pressing the green ‘Publish’ button.

This will be published to general ledger as a purchase invoice (as if the employee was billing the company for their expenses). Each entry within the report will be listed as a separate line item.


Export as a PDF or CSV

  1. When the Expense Report is complete, at the top of the Expense Report’s page go to the Export button, then click Export.
  1. To export a CSV, click the CSV tab and select the detail level and CSV format.
    To export a PDF, click the PDF tab and select the level of detail you wish to include in the file; just the expense report summary or including receipts. You can also choose to archive the items once the report is exported by ticking the box.
  1. When ready, click Export.

Clicking ‘Export to CSV’ will create a more detailed report that also displays the sub-totals of each category.

Sharing via Email

You can share an Expense Report via email at any time. This will send a CSV and PDF of the report to an email address that you specify. Links in these emails will expire after 30 days.

To share via email:

  1. When the Expense Report is complete, at the top of the Expense Report’s page go to the Export button, then click Send by email.
  1. Enter the email details and select the export options, and when ready click Send.

Sharing via Image Sharing

Use the ‘Image Sharing’ setting to give permission for other people to view images of your receipts, bills, invoices and other financial paperwork, even if they don’t have login access to your Dext Prepare account.

This will create a link inside your Expense Reports (and CSV downloads of your Expense Reports) where you can view the original image that was captured of the document.

To turn on Image Sharing:

  1. Go to the Account Details page in the My Profile section of the side bar.
  2. Then go to Image Sharing and turn image sharing ON.