How to Cash-Code Bank Transactions

Cash-coding creates new documents that you can use to reconcile bank transactions that do not require a supporting document, such as bank fees. 

Note: Cash-coding is only available on desktop integrated accounts or Dext Prepare accounts that are not integrated with an accounting or bookkeeping software. Cash-coding is also unavailable on Extract and Business plans. Find out more about the different Dext Prepare products here.

You can cash-code any transaction on the Transaction List in your Bank Workspace, but if a transaction has a Bank Match or Paperwork Match icon you will want to review these first. If a transaction does require a supporting document, you may submit a Paperwork Request to your client for the outstanding document.

How to Cash-Code Bank Transactions

  1. Go to the Transactions in the Bank Workspace.
  2. Click the green Cash-Code icon next to the transaction you wish to cash-code.Cash-Code1.png
  1. Enter the supplier name and Dext Prepare user who owns the transaction, then click Create.Cash-Code2.png
  1. You will receive a notification that the item has been created in the Costs Workspace. Click View Item to review it, and edit information where necessary.


The bank transaction and Costs document will have a Bank Match icon and can be processed further.