How to Remove and Merge Duplicate Suppliers

To combine two or more suppliers into a single supplier you can achieve this using two different methods. Manually merging them or using the Supplier Duplicates button.

When you submit a receipt, invoice or other piece of financial paperwork, Dext Prepare will read and record the Supplier. Depending on the item that has been uploaded the supplier can be slightly different or the supplier may have a trading name and a company name that you want to combine into one.

Important: Merging suppliers cannot be undone

To manually merge two suppliers:

1.  Go to the Lists section in the sidebar, then Suppliers.

2.  Use the search or click Supplier Duplicates to locate the suppliers you would like to merge.

3.  Use the checkboxes to select the relevant suppliers and click the Merge button at the top of the page.

4.  Select which of the Supplier’s names to keep, and click Merge.