How to Set Rules Based on Payment Method

Payment Method Rules allows you to apply your specified details to all submitted documents that were paid for using that Payment Method.

This can be used to code data automatically as soon as it’s received.

Important: To be able to access and edit payment methods you must have Administrator level User Privilege access. To gain this access contact your account administrator.

Setting Up a Payment Method Rule

Important: You must have a Administrator level user privilege access to be able to create a payment method. To gain this access reach out to your account administrator, accountant or bookkeeper.

To set up a payment methid rule:

  1. go to Lists in the sidebar, then Payment Methods.

This page will show you your existing payment methods, and from here you can also create new payment methods if needed.

  1. If you need to set up a new payment method, go to ADD NEW PAYMENT METHOD, and enter the name of the method and it’s reference number, for example the last 4 digits of that card. When ready click Add.
  2. The method will then be listed with your other payment methods, and you can then:
  • Set Auto-publish to on or off.
  • Select the Publishing destination for items paid for by this item.
  • Link a Bank Account from your integrated software to a payment method.
  1. Next, go to the Set User Defaults section below. Here you can set a default payment method for the users in your account. When they upload a document, the default payment method will be applied.

In the APPLICATION RULE column you can also set a application rule to add exceptions to your User Defaults:

  • No default set
  • Use default if blank: to apply your payment method to new documents when no other payment is detected.
  • Always use default: to always apply your payment method, even if we detect a different payment method on the image.

Payment Method Rules take effect before Supplier Rules, and take priority over Supplier Rules if a rule has been set for the same field in both features.