How to Use Smart Split

Use Smart Split to automatically create predefined line items for transactions submitted from a specific supplier.

It’s common that a receipt or invoice will need to be split into multiple line items, for example;

  • Delivered goods being split into materials and postage
  • Utility bills being split into tax payable and tax reclaimable

Smart Split automates this process for a specific supplier. To set up a Smart Split rule:

  1. Navigate to the Lists section of the menu
  2. Click on Suppliers
  3. Click on the name of the Supplier
  4. And then click the Add a Smart Split Rule

This will open the ‘Smart Split’ window.

You can create two types of rules:

  • Fixed amount rules: specify an exact number, and a line item will be created with this amount, description, and category
  • Percentage rules: specify a percentage, and a line item will be created with this percentage of the total as its amount, description, and category

Note: Multiple fixed amount and percentage rules can be used at the same time, and both types can be used simultaneously. Fixed amount rules will always take affect before percentage rules.


In this example, we’re splitting every current and future transaction from this supplier into:

  • £200 of rent costs
  • £100 of phone costs
  • £150 of maintenance costs
  • and remaining costs, which will total to 100% of the total still outstanding

This will split a £1143.30 bill into the following line items: