How to Link a Payment Method to a Bank Account

In order to publish an item from Dext Prepare to a Bank Account in your integrated accounting software, you may need to link your Payment Methods in Dext Prepare to the corresponding Bank Account in the integrated accounting software. This is used to indicate which Bank Account the item should be published to.

Important: To be able to access and edit payment methods you must have Administrator level User Privilege access. To gain this access contact your account administrator.

Linking a Payment Method to a Bank Account

Important: You must have a Administrator level user privilege access to be able to link a payment method to a bank account. To gain this access reach out to your account administrator, accountant or bookkeeper.

To link a Payment Method to a Bank Account:

1. Expand the Lists section of the menu by clicking on More Lists…

2. Then click on the Payment Methods tab

3. A new payment method can be added manually, by simply entering the name and the reference number (which is the last 4 digits of the payment card or bank account) and then clicking Add.

4. A new payment method that is identified via extraction is automatically added to the list with the corresponding reference number and given the name New.

5. To link the Payment Method to the Bank Account from your integrated accounting software, click the drop down menu and select the correct account.

6. To change the name of the Payment Method, click into that field and edit. Clicking outside the field will save the name.

7. You are also able to set rules for a Payment Method to automatically publish or to set a publishing destination. Click the drop down menus to make your selection. The Publish To destinations are set by your integrated accounting software.

8. If you have recently added a Bank Account to your integrated accounting software and it is not appearing in the list of available bank accounts in the drop down menu. Then click the Reload all lists button in the top right hand corner of your screen.