Introduction to Rules and Automation in Dext Prepare

Use Rules, Smart Split and Auto-publish to specify specific ways that data should be treated when paperwork from particular suppliers, payment methods or users are submitted. 

Note: this feature is only available on Business Plus, Premium, Streamline & Optimize products. Find out more about the different Dext Prepare products here.

Read the other articles in this section to learn more about:

  • Supplier Rules – specifications in how paperwork from a particular supplier should be coded or described
  • User rules – specifications on which Payment Methods or Projects should be applied to paperwork submitted from a particular user.
  • Smart Split – specify how paperwork from a particular vendor should be split into line items
  • Auto-publish – automatically publish coded paperwork from a specific supplier to an integrated accounting software.

Rules and Smart Split are applied as soon as an uploaded item has finished the extraction process. Setting a Rule or a Smart Split will affect current and future items in the Inbox.