Changes to the ‘Use Tax List’ Setting in Dext Prepare

We’re tweaking what the ‘Use tax list’ setting does in Dext Prepare.

The ‘Use tax list’ is a setting that is applied on the Integrations page in the Connections section of the sidebar. By scrolling down to TAX SETTINGS, then setting Use Tax List to ON or OFF.

How it Used to Work

In the past you could apply tax codes from your tax list to individual items, by switching the ‘Use tax list’ ON.

On the other hand, when the tax list was turned OFF, the tax amount automatically extracted from the item was shown by default.

If the tax list had been previously set to ON, and individual tax codes selected on individual items, then the tax list was turned OFF, taxes selected for individual items were overridden and the extracted amount was shown instead.

How it Works Now

However, now if you turn OFF ‘Use tax list’, any items where a tax was applied will still show that tax until it is manually set to ‘Extracted amount’ in the Amount section on an item’s Item details page. New items and items where no tax was set previously will still not display the tax drop down as before.

This change is retroactive, so if a tax was applied in the past and hidden by turning ‘Use tax list’ OFF, then it will reappear again. This should mostly affect items in the archive, but look out for unexpected changes in the inbox around the 26th of June when this change is going live.

Important: This change won’t affect any transactions in your accounting software, just items in Dext.

Who’s Affected

This change will affect users who used tax codes on any items in the past, then turned Use tax List OFF. With this new change, the old tax codes that were overridden will show again.

If you never used tax codes or if you always used them there will be no change to the tax codes applied to your items.

What You Can Do

Be aware on the 26th of June 2023 that when this change goes live in Dext, previously hidden tax codes may reappear, this should only cause issues with items in the inbox that haven’t yet been published.

If a tax code is showing on an item and you wish to see the extracted amount instead:

  1. You can remove the tax code by going to the Costs or Sales Inbox and selecting the item.
  2. Go to the Amount section of Item details.
  3. Change the Tax drop down to Extracted amount.