A valid user should be identified using the UserID

This error occurs when you are publishing an item to the ‘Expense Claims’ section of Xero and we don’t know which Xero user the expenses belong to. Link the user in Dext to the user in Xero to publish the items to the right profile.

To connect Dext and Xero users:

  1. Scroll down to the Manage section of the sidebar.
  2. Click on Users or My Team
  3. Click on the button Link users to Xero.
  1. Then match your Dext users to your Xero users, and click Close when done.

Once this is done, the user should try to publish item/s even if the error message still persists. After the next sync with Xero, the error will no longer show.

Note: The Xero users are created within your Xero account. If you wish to add or make changes to these users, you’ll need to do so from within Xero and then reintegrate for these changes to show in your Dext account.