Precision FAQs

Frequently asked questions about your Dext Precision Account.


Regional Compatibility

Working with your accounting software

Data Management

Product Usage


How does your pricing work?

Precision prices monthly according to client licence bundles. These bundles refer to unique client licences.

If you add a client to Precision, that will count as one of your licences for the current billing month, even if you remove that client. If you do remove a client, you can replace that licence with a new client in the next billing month.

You will have an additional 10% of your bundle size as leeway for your bundle, for example if you accidentally add a client.

If you accidentally remove a client, this can be restored under subscription > current period using the restore link.

Is there a minimum term?

There are no minimum terms for your Precision service. If you decide to cancel, you will have access to Precision until the end of your monthly billing cycle, which will not renew.

Do I have to pay for each user?

No. The subscription price is inclusive of an unlimited number of users.

When will I be billed?

Precision bills in advance; you will receive an invoice by email for the number of clients active in the previous monthly billing cycle, which begins when you have entered your payment details.

Can I add my Practice for free?

Precision does not offer a free Practice licence; your practice will still take up one of your licence bundles.

Regional Compatibility

Does Precision work outside the UK?

Precision does accept multiple currencies – it detects the currency used in your GL, and will display that currency for that client accross the site.

Precision currently only uses UK tax calculations; for clients outside the UK we slightly alter the Precision experience in the following ways to prevent confusion:

  • Hide Corporation Tax and VAT Tracking Insights from the navigation
  • Hide Corporation Tax and VAT Tracking Insight statistics from the Client Overview dashboard
  • Rename VAT Return Checks to Tax Return Checks

Will Precision include tax calculations for clients outside the UK in the future?

We’ve definitely got this on our roadmap! There’s no real timescale for this though. For now, we’re focussing on making sure that we are building a great product and that means working with local accountants. We still love hearing from our international users, so if you would like to see Precision bring tax insights to your region then please let us know. This helps us to prioritise which regions to start with.

We feel that Precision is a really useful toolkit for any client data, not just UK clients, so we would encourage you to try Precision for your team, wherever you’re based. For international accountancies who would like a Precision paid subscription, we offer a discount code which will apply until we roll out full functionality in your area.

Working with your accounting software

How do I connect Precision to my Xero or QuickBooks Online account?

A walkthrough of connecting Precision to your accounting software can be found in our Getting Started guide.

What data does Precision use, and how?

With your approval, we create a Client in Precision out of the data we get from Xero or QuickBooks Online. We keep Precision up to date with any changes in your GL with an automated syncing process.

Data Management

Is my data secure?

Short answer: yes.

Longer answer: security is baked into the core of what we do, from the technologies we use to the best practices we follow around coding and infrastructure. Each client’s data is housed in its own separate database, key information and backups are encrypted at rest and data in transit always journeys via SSL (https).

Your data is yours – we do not share your data with anyone.

Can I invite my clients to Precision?

We actually don’t recommend you give clients access to Precision; while there are visibility settings in Precision that you can use to prevent members of your team seeing client data, your team members still have visibility of the list of other team members in various places, so if you add clients as team members those names will be visible.

Instead, we would recommend either you set up a separate Precision account for that client, or use the exports available within the Precision tools. Many of our tools are exportable to either Excel or pdf, and you can export any grids in Precision to Excel by right-clicking in any cell.

How can I remove a client from Precision?

Deleting a client from Precision removes all corresponding data from the Precision system. This is not reversable – to bring a client back you’ll need to go through the process of adding a new client.

There are two places you can delete a client from Precision:

  • the Client Overview by selecting the ‘Remove’ button in the top right of the Overview screen (below Resources).
  • the Client List by clicking the three dot menu at the right of the client card, and selecting ‘Remove’ from the drop-down options menu.

In both cases, you’ll be prompted to confirm before proceeding.

Your data in Xero or QuickBooks Online will not be affected by the removal of a client in Precision.


Just want to stop syncing with your accounting software? You can disconnect instead.

How do I leave Precision?

If you are paying for Precision as part of your Dext subscription, please contact us at to cancel your subscription and remove your team.

If you are paying for your Precision subscription through Precision only, and looking to pause your subscription for a period, you can do so under Manage Team from the sidebar in the Client List. Under Manage Team, select Subscription, and select the Cancel Subscription button.

If you are looking to delete your team permanently, you will need to create a new Team if you want to return to Precision at a later date. Please note, only a Team Owner can delete a team. To delete your team, click on your settings from the client list sidebar. From the links on the left of the page, select Teams to see the list of Precision teams you currently belong to (this will usually be just 1). Click the X button to the right of the team name to delete the team. Please note, this action cannot be undone.

Product Usage

Can a team member delete flows?

All team members can add, delete and review flows.

However, repeating flow templates can only be deleted by the team member who created them.

Is there a way to change Date Format?

Date Formats are based on your browser settings. Check your settings to ensure you have the right language setting. (ie English US or English UK)

How do I remove team members?

Only Team Owners can remove team members.

Why are my clients taking a long time to load?

This could be to do with Xero API limits. We will be looking at ways to improve this by discussing options with Xero and refining our import process but for now larger clients may not load so please bear this in mind.

Still not sure?

We love to answer questions, just drop us a line and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible