What does Dext Precision do?

Dext Precision is the essential toolkit for Accounting & Bookkeeping practices, no matter the size. By providing simple data cleanup tools, Precision helps you eliminate costly tasks like looking for errors or taking action retrospectively. 

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Using high-quality accurate data, Precision’s deep performance analytics and advisory insights will help you strengthen client relationships, upskill your practice and – thanks to more billable advisory – increase revenue, too.

What Precision does:

Once clients are connected, Precision automatically syncs with your accounting software, pulling all transactional data into our system.

This allows Precision to:

  • Give a diagnostic health check on the quality of the ledger data through a health score;
  • Spot transactional errors in transactions;
  • Identify potential issues in the Fixed Asset register or control accounts;
  • Create powerful pivot table style analytical reports, to sort and filter transactional data;
  • Build checks into workflows that fit into your regular Practice processes, such as onboarding, bookkeeping, VAT returns and year-end processes;
  • Give a practice dashboard overview to allow you to view information across all clients in your practice

Principal use cases:

Onboarding and Pricing Clients – Save time when onboarding. With your client’s Health Score you can quickly understand the state of their books and view transactional volumes to drive more profitable pricing.

Grow your services – When you trust your data, you can do your job more effectively. Turn real-time data into bespoke client reports. Build advisory insights as part of your regular client check-ins, adding value and boosting the billable services you can offer. 

Boost productivity – Precision’s Focus dashboard allows you to see all your practice performance in one place, so you can easily set and track KPIs, manage your time and grow your business.