Practice Analysis

At the team level, Precision has 4 different practice-level sandboxes that contain data across all your clients. They are:

Practice Dashboard

A comprehensive home of your clients, this is the first place to come to get a handle on your practice. Each row is a client in Precision, and here we store many of our metrics

Reporting Mode

practice dashboard header.png

By default, the Practice Dashboard will be set to the Reporting Mode ‘Month End‘, which means all Practice Dashboard metrics come from the last complete month, to ensure that every metric is comparable for each client.
If you select ‘Custom Per Client‘ the Practice Dashboard will use the Reporting Mode dates set against the client from the Client Overview. This will result in each client displaying metrics from their own custom Reporting Mode period (if set).

Here’s a short introduction to the Practice Dashboard functionality from Simon Williams; note that since this was recorded the dashboard is still evolving, and we add more metrics to it all the time!

Activity Stats

The Activity Stats view is your source for Precision’s performance metrics from the Activity Stats Insight, month-by-month for the last year. This includes MoM and YoY changes, so you can check which of your clients are under- or over- performing.

Note that the Activity Stats dashboard, like the Practice Dashboard, defaults to the data from the last complete month and works backwards from there.

HMRC Dashboard


The HMRC dashboard is currently only available for Xero clients, we hope to make this available for QBO clients soon.

For UK clients using our HMRC integration this dashboard is your location for all things MTD in your practice. Each row is a VAT period detected by Precision for each client, including the filing period, due dates, status, amount and outstanding values.

Focus Dashboard

This dashboard is an alternative to the Flow List in Focus, showing all Flows at all stages of completion. This includes the all Flow details including the assigned team member, reviewers, reporting period, number of checks completed and total number of checks.

Deadlines Dashboard

The Deadlines Dashboard allows you to see the Accounts Filing & Confirmation Statement date requirements from Companies House, as well as VAT deadlines from HMRC, for your entire registered company portfolio at once. Suitable for both your Xero & QBO clients, the dashboard also includes a traffic light colouring system so you can see deadlines that are due soon/overdue at a glance.

This is a drag-and-drop report-builder, with spreadsheet-like functionality. You can choose the columns you want to see, group by, sort, collapse and expand until you get it just how you want. 


Set the Company Registration Number in your accounting system for each client, as they won’t appear in the dashboard otherwise. Enable Precision’s HMRC integration via your Agent Services account, and ensure client VAT numbers are set in their accounting system.

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