Supplier Statements – In Testing

Add supplier statements to your Dext account and Dext will help you match them to the invoices in both your Dext account and your connected accounting software.

This feature is currently in testing, we will notify you when it becomes available.

Submit a Supplier Statement

To submit supplier statements:

  1. Click the + Add Documents button at the top of the screen.
  1. Select the Supplier Statements tab.
  1. Click the Select Files button or drag and drop the file you wish to upload into the green box.

Only PDF files are currently accepted and processed.

  1. Once uploaded the item will appear in the Supplier Statements Inbox

Move a Cost Item to Supplier Statements

To move a Costs item to Supplier Statements:

  1. Go to your Costs Inbox.
  2. Select the item you wish to move from the list, then go to Tools and click Move to Supplier Statements.

Reviewing Supplier Statements

Once a supplier statement is added and located in the supplier statements Inbox, you can then review and edit the statement.

To review a statement:

  1. In the Inbox, open the relevant item. On the Supplier Statement Details page you will see the extracted data, which can be edited. In the Reconciliation section you will see the status of the invoices listed on the statement.
  1. The status of each invoice will show as one of the following:
  • In Xero only: Item only detected in Xero
  • In Dext: Item only detected in Dext
  • In Xero & Dext: Item found in both Dext & Xero
  • Missing: An item is extracted from the statement, but it is not found in Dext or the connected accounting software
  • Not on statement:  if an item is fetched from the connected accounting software that are not present in the statement.

Note: if you hover over the status, you will find a link to the document for each source, if available.

  1. You can request missing paperwork from a client or supplier easily by clicking the Request Paperwork button at the top of the page, compiling the report, entering the email of the recipient and sending the report.

Reconcile or Archive Supplier Statements

When you are finished with a statement and want to remove it from the Inbox, you can either archive the item or reconcile it.

To archive a supplier statement:

  1. Select the item from the list, then click the Archive button at the top of the page.

To reconcile a supplier statement: 

  1. Select the item, then click the Mark as reconciled button at the top of the page. This will send the item to the Archive with a Reconciled status.