Australia Payroll Checks

Dext Precision has four payroll checks to help teams manage their Xero Payroll data.  Below are 5 steps to getting your checks set up in your Precision account.

Payroll feature can be found and enabled in the Clean Up section under Client dashboard.

Click on EnablePayroll Integration to get it set up.

Enabling Two-Step Authentication

To enable Two-step authentication

Payroll Visibility

You can control which staff members are able to see the Payroll checks. This setting is located under Payroll Visibility which can be accessed by selecting Configuration > Visibility with the client, where the options are either:

  • None
  • Whole Team
  • Specific Users
  • Xero Users Only

You can also update visibility under Payroll feature in Clean Up by clicking on Manage Access.

Payroll Checks

Once enabled the following four (4) checks will be available:

Junior Employee Payroll Entitlements

This check highlights where a junior employee (under 21) is about to have a birthday as they may be entitled to a mandatory pay increase.

A pay increase will be required for Junior employees covered by an award. The purpose of this check is to ensure that employees aren’t underpaid, and the employer remains compliant with their obligations.


Employee Annual Leave Incorrect Status

Australian employees with an annual leave type of “Annual Leave” in Xero should be configured as “Paid Out”. This check will show a list of employees that have a discrepancy between their Leave Type and Payout Type. For each discrepancy found, the employee will be listed showing their Leave Type and Payout Type along with a link to the payroll section in Xero to help users quickly address the issue.

*The “View in Xero” link will take users to the Employee list, not directly to the Employee due to Xero functionality.


Employee Superannuation Fund

This check highlights employees that have not had a Superannuation Fund Membership set within their Employment details. Superannuation is a requirement in Australia. Where an employee has not nominated a fund, the employer can pay it directly to the government (this is quite limited).


Employee Superannuation Type

For each employee, this payroll check displays the method used to calculate superannuation.  To ensure that employers are meeting their Superannuation payroll obligations, it is important to understand that the correct calculation type is being used for the Superannuation Guarantee.