Customising the Grid

The Report Creator grid is a drag-and-drop report-builder, with spreadsheet-like functionality, right in your browser. If you’re a fan of Excel’s pivot tables, you’ll find that too.

You can choose the columns you want to see, group by, sort, collapse and expand until you get it just how you want. As an example In the image below the Report Creator has been customised by the following steps:

  1. Set to Pivot Mode
  2. Make sure the only ticked columns are – Account Name, Contact Name & Net Amount.
  3. Then drag Account Name & Contact Name columns one at a time up to grouping area
  4. Click and drag ‘Year’ option under the columns settings and drag down to Column Labels

See screenshot below explaining where these steps are located.

Quick video showing the steps please watch to see it in action!

Interested in the tech? Behind the scenes we’ve integrated ag-Grid’s amazing data tables framework , which provides the enterprise-grade pivot table functionality.