What is a Dext Prepare Optimize Account?

Dext Prepare Optimize is our advanced Accounting and Bookkeeping platform. It provides high-level insights into performance of your Client Base and Practice and dedicated communication tools to interact directly with your clients.

If you’re interested in becoming a Dext Partner, click this link and book a demo with us.

Screenshot 2019-12-27 at 14.44.55.png

Multiple Dext Prepare Client Accounts, seen on a Dext Prepare Optimize Client View Dashboard.

By subscribing to Dext Prepare Optimize, you get access to:

  • Your own Dext Prepare Partner Account
  • Client Accounts, that you create and customize for each of your clients’ businesses
  • A Client View dashboard, which provides detailed metrics about each of your clients’ submission patterns
  • A Practice View dashboard, which provides detailed metrics about the performance of your practice as a whole
  • Targeted Communication; tools which allow for seamless messaging between you and your client base from within the Dext Prepare Web and Mobile apps
  • Integrations, which seamlessly sync data between Dext Prepare and;
    • Xero
    • QuickBooks Online
    • Sage Business Cloud Accounting
    • MYOB AccountRight
    • MYOB Essentials
    • KashFlow
    • FreeAgent
    • IrisOpenBooks
    • Twinfield
  • Additional Publishing Locations for all integrations
  • Auto-publishing to integrated accounting softwares
  • Dext Prepare Data Extraction and OCR technology, which automatically reads and extracts written information from paper and digital documents
  • The ability to Boost processing documentation and speed up the rate of document upload
  • Line Items on all submitted paperwork
  • Smart Split rules that automatically split new paperwork into pre-built line items
  • Supplier rules that automatically add context to supplier-specific paperwork
  • Additional fields on submitted items to describe;
    • Customer
    • Suppliers
    • Projects
    • Payment Methods
  • Invoice Fetch, an automated way to collect invoices and bills from supplier websites.
  • The Dext Prepare Submission Methods, which allow any Dext Prepare user to submit their financial paperwork using;
  • Reports that detail payments in your Bank Feed that don’t have corresponding paperwork
  • Expense management for any employee in your, or your clients’ businesses
  • Purchase Order Match, allows you to identify and match Costs items with an existing purchase order in Xero or QuickBooks Online.
  • A space to manage the financial documentation for your own business
  • Total control over what each user can access, see and do on Dext Prepare
  • Total control and visibility of submitted paperwork and how it’s coded and described
  • Control over Client Account preset settings, and the ability to set new defaults for all new Client Accounts
  • Individual logins for each employee in your practice
  • Individual logins for each employee in your clients’ businesses