What is a Dext Prepare Business Enterprise Account

Dext Prepare Business Enterprise is our advanced platform for business owners and professionals. It supports up to 30 users, up to 4,000 submitted documents per month, advanced expense reporting and direct communication tools with your Dext Prepare user base.

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Starting Dashboard on a Dext Prepare Business Enterprise Account

By subscribing to Dext Prepare Business Enterprise, you get access to:

  • Your own Dext Prepare Inbox: a space to store your financial paperwork
  • 30 separate logins for users on your Dext Prepare account
  • Data Extraction, which automatically reads and extracts written information from paper and digital documents, for 4,000 receipts, invoices or other pieces of financial paperwork per month
  • Extraction from Costs (accounts payable) and Sales (accounts receivable) paperwork
  • 40 Pages of Bank Statement Extraction and 40 items of Line Item Extraction.
  • Integrations, which seamlessly sync data between Dext Prepare and;
    • Xero
    • QuickBooks Online
    • Sage Business Cloud Accounting
    • MYOB AccountRight
    • MYOB Essentials
    • KashFlow
    • FreeAgent
    • IrisOpenBooks
    • Twinfield
  • Additional Publishing Locations for all integrations
  • Auto-publishing to integrated accounting softwares
  • Purchase Order Matching and Products and Services with Xero and QuickBooks Online Integrations
  • Smart Split rules that automatically split new paperwork into pre-built line items
  • Supplier and Customer rules that automatically add context to supplier-specific paperwork
  • Additional fields on submitted items to describe;
    • Customer
    • Suppliers
    • Projects
    • Payment Methods
  • Invoice Fetch, an automated way to collect invoices and bills from supplier websites.
  • The Dext Prepare Submission Methods , which allow any Dext Prepare user to submit their financial paperwork using;
    • Their mobile phone
    • E-mail
    • PayPal
    • Dropbox
  • Expense management for any employee in your, or your clients’ businesses
  • Advance Expense Reports which included expense reporting and expense approval
  • Total control over what each user can access, see and do on Dext Prepare
  • Total control and visibility of submitted paperwork and how it’s coded and described