The ‘Partner Dashboard’ Page

The Dashboard is where Accountants & Bookkeepers can take a holistic view of each of the Client Accounts that they have on Dext Prepare and their own Practice Account.

For Partners on Streamline

The Client View is used to view and manage your entire list of clients.

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Displayed are the – CRN (account number), Current Integration, and number of Items in Inbox. You can also click on the Manage button on the far right for more options for that particular client.

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To access your own Practice Account, simply click on the Client Switcher button on the top left

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And then on the name of your Practice Account. Or scroll down and click on the name of which Clients you would like to work on.

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This video outlines the main features of the Client View Dashboard:

For Partners on Optimize

The Client View is used to view and manage your entire list of clients and gives you key metrics that give you an overview of each client’s performance including the amount of outstanding work, missing paperwork and overall efficiency.

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Practice Insights provides top level data that can be filtered and broken down in two lower-lever drilldowns, enabling you to spot opportunities to optimise capacity, and make decisions backed by actionable insight.


This video outlines the main features of Practice Insights:

See this page for more information on Practice Insights.