How to Publish a Paid Purchase to Xero

Link your payment methods in Dext Prepare to Bank Accounts in Xero in order to publish transactions to the ‘Purchases’ section as ‘Paid’

Note: this functionality is only available for Business Plus, Premium, Streamline and Optimize accounts. Find out more about the different Dext Prepare products here.

In order for Dext Prepare to publish your transactions as ‘Paid’ to ‘Purchases’, we need to know which Bank Account was used to pay for the item. Link your Payment Methods in Dext Prepare to your Bank Accounts in Xero to publish items to ‘Purchases’ as ‘Paid’.
To link your payment methods to bank accounts:

  1. Access the Manage menu and then the Integrations tab
  2. Change the ‘Publish items to purchases as’ option to ‘Paid (where possible)

  1. Access the Lists menu and the Payment Methods tab
  2. Use the dropdown menu in the ‘Bank Account’ column to match a payment card to the Bank Account it’s associated with.

  1. Mark the item as paid on the detail page;
Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 11.20.18.png