How to Create a Self Assessment Client Account

Adding a Self Assessment Client Account will create a dedicated space for you to manage the income source data for each individual you assist in reporting earnings to HMRC.

  1. Click Add client in the top left of the page.
  1. To Invite one Client, enter the client’s name and email address, then click Continue.
  1. Next, enter the Business name.

A business is the entity for which you will collect income source documents. This entity could be a Sole Trader, Property Business, Partnership, Limited Company etc.

A client may have multiple businesses or properties, so if needed you can add additional businesses after the first entity is added.

  1. Select the Type of Business.

A business is the entity for which you will collect documents. There are two options:

Self employment:

Or UK Property: 

See more about business types here.

  1. Select the Transactions Collection Method for transactions.

A transaction Collection Method is the type of documents you’ll be submitting to Dext, and will determine how you add transaction data to Dext. There are two collection method options:

  • Costs/Sales: add receipts and invoices to the costs & sales workspaces through various methods, including uploading items via the desktop or mobile app and via email.
  • Or Bank: add transaction data by connecting to a bank feed or uploading a bank statement. A bank feed will import historical transactions as far back as the bank will allow.

What happens if I select the wrong method? What if I submit to the wrong area?

  1. If a client has multiple businesses or properties you can add another to their account. To do this click Add another business.

Alternatively, if you are finished adding a business or businesses, click Next.

  1. When all businesses have been added, click Finish.
  1. Review the individual and business details, then click Proceed to invitation to Dext.
  1. Next, review the email that will be sent to the client, and add the client’s mobile number if you wish to send them an invitation by text. 

When ready, click Invite to Dext and an invitation will then be sent to the client via email and Text message.

  1. You will then see the new client account listed on the Self Assessment Client list.